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Americus is A small city in Sumter County in Georgia which is rich in history as the city is adorned with historic architectural layouts, foremost of which is the Windsor Hotel, constructed in 1892.

It was founded by General John Americus Smith in 1832 and had bloomed from a little courthouse city into a booming yet quaint city that it is now today.

Though the contemporary world has brought a Great Deal of improvements Into Americus, the town has still kept its historical worth.

The historic Windsor Hotel, located at the center of Downtown Americus, is a proof of this town's rich history.

The resort was built to attract winter visitors from the north. It was a 100-room, five-story Victorian structure that was architecturally designed with tower and turret, balconies, along with a three-story open atrium reception.

Windsor Hotel, which occupies almost an Whole town Block, was closed in 1972 after almost 80 years of surgery however re-opened in 1991 after a series of restoration and renovation.

Guests can have a glimpse of Windsor Hotel through a 45-minute Guided tour that highlights the historic qualities in addition to the ghost stories which surround the hotel.

Part of the tour is a visit to regions from the resort that Aren't open to the general public.

Just blocks away from the Windsor Hotel is the Rylander Theatre, located in 310 W. Lamar St.

Originally Built in 1921 and functioned as a vaudeville theatre, the historic Rylander Theatre has a seating capacity of 621 and offers live performances, films and many special events during the entire year.


The Art Deco style design of this theater had undergone recovery in 1999 to provide it a fresh but still historic look.

One Of Americus' famous attractions that dates back to as far as the Civil War would be that the Andersonville National Historic Site, which started as a stockade built about 18 months before the conclusion of the United States Civil War to hold Union Army prisoners captured by Confederate soldiers.

The historic site includes three elements -- the prior Site of Camp Sumter military prison, the Andersonville National Cemetery, and also the National Prisoner of War Museum, that opened in 1998 to honor most of U.S. prisoners of wars.

Get to see this quaint but beautiful town in Georgia.

Americus, GA

Americus is a town in Georgia that's designated as the chair of Sumter County. It's the principal town of the Americus Micropolitan Statistical Area.

The city abounds with many historical sites and outdoor Centers that offer fun and adventure to the whole family. It's unique restaurants which feature anythingbesides five-star cuisine to fantastic home-cooked traditional Southern fare. And its purchasing destination is a favorite among regular travelers.

If you want to flavor the best organic coffee in Americus, the java home of Cafe Campesino is your best alternative.

Georgia's first 100% Fair Trade, organic coffee roastery. Its coffee Rewards offers an opportunity to all guests to smell, taste, research and research specialty-grade, organic coffee grown in over 10 countries around the globe and roasted in Georgia. The weekly cupping is held adjacent to the café's coffee click here shop every Friday at 11:00 a.m.

Café Campesino is open for public tours for people who Want to take a glimpse of the ideal coffee roaster from the nation. Guests can also take home freshly roasted coffee after the tour.

If You'd like fresh snacks, visit the Koinonia Farm situated 49 S.

Koinonia Farm is a Religious community established in 1942 that includes pecan orchards, miles of walking trail and a bakery that sells fresh treats. It gives arts and crafts, fair-trade chocolate and coffee, and a selection of books that have the Cotton Patch Version of the Gospels translated by Koinonia creator, Clarence Jordan.

The farm also offers guest home, RV hookups and meals. And should you want to purchase organic blueberries, grapes and other produce, Koinonia Farm is the ideal source.

Koinonia Farm is definitely the perfect place to hold Your group trips or retreats.

If you are an occasional drinker, then the Thirteenth Colony Distillery located at 305 N. Dudley St. is the only store to go.

That offers handcrafted spirits to get a great taste utilizing local ingredients.

Habitat for Humanity and at the city, you can find the world of Habitat in the six-acre educational Global Village and Discovery Center located at 721 W. Church St. where you can see 15 replica houses built by Habitat in different nations around the globe. Included in these are houses that are built on stilts in Papua New Guinea; homes built out of stone in Kenya; homes made from handmade blocks in Sri Lanka, and other types of houses.

In the discovery centre, you get to see and find out about the Inspirational work of Habitat volunteers and their spouse families everywhere.

These are Only a few of the things that you will get to See and expertise in Americus.

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